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Right to rent and what landlords need to know.

Before a landlord rents his property to a tenant they must check that they have the right to rent. Our agents at Igloo Sales and Lettings Leicester, have put together this information guide regarding the process.

The Following Checks Must Be Performed:

The tenant must be able to produce proof that they are over the age of 18. Passports, Birth certificates and driving licenses are valid forms of proof. If a tenant is only staying within the country for a short period of time you must ensure you complete the age check within 28 days of the renting process beginning. These checks must be performed regardless of if they are a British citizen or not. The tenant must be able to provide proof that they are legally allowed to live in the United Kingdom. The Government Right To Rent service can check if they are a valid UK citizen. Copies of these documents should be created and kept through the renting period and for one year after they leave.

Follow-up Checking

If a tenant is only remaining in the country for a limited amount of time you must perform a follow-up check to ensure this time has not expired. This check should be performed either the day before the end of the tenants time within the country or 12 months after the last check has been performed. If these check are not carried out then it can result in a fine.

Our Checking Services

Igloo Sales and Lettings Leicester can perform these check on behalf on our landlords. Our professional letting team will ensure the checks are carried out correctly and that the documentation is in order. If you wish to know more about right to rent checks then get in contact with us today.

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